Artist Bar

'What the Eye Doesn't See'

Julie Cockburn

December 2008

JULIE COCKBURN'S second show at Seven Seven is about looking and seeing. More autobiographical than her first show, it embraces personal emotions of envy, desire, lust, jealousy, loss and re-finding.




Alan Bond

November 2008

New drawings based on an abandoned barn seen in Italy and made from found materials and of low tech construction. With its impromtu opportunist joinery, and ecletic materials, the drawings reference recent architectural installations made by the artist.



Kapellmeister Pulls A Doozy

Sept/Oct 2008

Andy Denzler,
Zavier Ellis,
Andrew Foulds,
David Hancock,
Rene Holm, Julian Lee, Rui Matsunaga,
Richard Meaghan,
Louise Thomas,
John Stark,
Jaap de Vries.

Group show curated by Richard Meaghan and Andrew Foulds featuring the work of prodigious young international artists. The show meditated on the role and importance of the anchor, the muse and the motif within contemporary painting.


Image David Hancock

Permanent Waiting Room


June 2008

Permanent Waiting Room is a part of the international research and art project 'Living on a Border' that deals with issues surrounding migration within Europe.

Previously shown in Bologna , Ljubljana and Vienna.

A survey of bed linen

Aneli Munteanu

June 2008

“My fear... is my substance, and probably the best part of me.” - Kafka, Franz

In this exhibition, through her drawings of beds and through text derived from interviews Aneli Munteanu analyses concepts of fear and safety

'Silent Witnesses'

Caroline List

May 2008

Caroline List documents the dying trees of the ancient Sherwood Forest. The painting ‘Supporting Major Oak' is based on the famous oak tree associated with Robin Hood. The tree, which has now become a tourist attraction, is over 800 years old and is supported by scaffolding to prevent it from subsiding and disappearing from history. The artist has become increasingly aware that what remains has been selectively preserved for tourism and questions the reality of ‘heritage'.


Rachel Labovitch

April 2008

Prolonged engagement with these serene and elegant drawings reward the viewer revealing more and more detail and complexity in both their construction and psychological presence

'Propositions for Cities'

Mary Yacoob

March 2008

Inventive drawings sourced from imagination and from Science Museum machines proposing slender vertical cities.

'New Paintings'

Robin Dixon
Karen Douglas

Feburary 2008

These artists have in common a love of paint and relate their experiments with the medium to both the history of painting and contemporary themes. While Robin Dixon explores the physical mysteries of matter and energy, Karen Douglas engages with our psychological relationship to nature.

'Dulce et Decorum est'

Dave Farnham

January 2008

Dave Farnham creates images reflecting on the representation, rather than the truth of War; (what Owen calls “the old lie”). An exploding field of valour where courage and moral fortitude overcome death.
Although we soon realise these images are deliberate fakes, somehow they defy our reason, creating a powerful and emotionally convincing presence.


Jörg Obergfell
Yo Okada
Debra Scacco
Jan Stradtmann
Rachael Weitzman

December 2007

New graduate and young artists depict stories derived from their experiences of London life. Danger, anger, catharsis, and absurdity sit side by side in this entertaining show

‘see-saw '

Anka Dabrowska

November 2007

Anka Dabrowska revisits her childhood with images that reference Poland in the era of martial law. Communism meets consumerism in these quirky drawings made on paper bags.

‘The Cloud Series '

Dawn Shorten

October 2007

In this, her first solo exhibition, Dawn Shorten brings together cloud paintings with map based objects called ‘conic projections’. Together they show a respect, even a sense of anxiety, in the face of nature’s greatest displays. The portrayal of storms, rocks and wave surges can be seen as metaphors for the trials of human existence.



Emma Holden

September 2007

In Emma Holden's work natural and manmade materials cohabit outside of their normal context questioning the fixed rules and meanings that we apply to our everyday experiences. The notion that the disposable is undesirable is binned and the honesty of her production is laid bare. Her passion for nature and the internal logic of organic structures is played out as she breathes new life into discarded and domestic materials such as Christmas trees, polystyrene and brown paper.


Karen Douglas
Andrew Griffiths
Camilla Wilson
Mark Wright

August 2007

B.S.T. (British Summer Time), is an off- centre look at summertime experiences by four accomplished painters. The show includes Karen Douglas's large landscape "Polytunnels", in which greenhouses take on another identity and suggest futuristic protection from the elements. In Mark Wright's mysterious painting, partially submerged and synthetic trees, coincidently connect to climate change and recent flooding. Camilla Wilson's "After Manet" depicts a figure who may be sunbathing, sleeping or dead. Andrew Griffiths references English eccentricity and gardens as a space for unplanned encounters.


A collaboration between the Matt Roberts Organisation, Seven Seven, and guest curators....

Alex Michon of Transition Gallery
Andrea Adcock of Gallery Yujiro
Laura White, Artist
Julia Alvarez of Bearspace

July 2007

A microcosm of the current Art Market.

Mikey Cuddihy

Painted Fiction

June 2007

Mikey Cuddihy shares her time between fictional writing and the visual arts. In this show tiny ephemeral doodles undergo a transition to become dramatically enlarged ink drawings on translucent paper or exhuberant and colourful painted paper cut-outs


Julie Cockburn

May 2007

Julie Cockburn makes creative interventions in the old books, out of date maps and magazines that she accumulates. Patiently and beautifully crafted, these essentially flat objects explode into sculptural collages. She introduces ideas to found objects that generate dialogues about modernity and art history, gender and identity, nature and urbanity and the relationship between process and idea. Cockburn avoids being didactic by a deftness of touch and a lively wit that wills her audience to engage with and enjoy her work.

Mist and Bells

Robin Dixon
Rachel Labovitch
Caroline List

March-April 2007


Robin Dixon's inventive and unusual compositions, make visible unseen energies such as radio waves and theoretical structures underpinning cloud formations.

Rachel Labovitch describes the sensation of forms emerging and dissolving in mist.

Caroline List‘s interpretation of landscape is influenced by both our direct engagement and collective memory. Exploring the relationship between photography and the process of painting, her work hovers between fact and fiction.


Alessandra Cassinelli,
Alistair Ruff,
Bill Howard ,
Catherine Turner,
Chris Oakle ,
Christoph Steger
Dave Farnham,
Elizabeth McTernan, Franc Purg,
Hekate Films,
Helen Fletcher,
Ian Nesbitt,
Jan Steinum,

February - March 2007


Jay Patel,
Lousie Colbourne,
Luigi Rizzo,
Lyn Lowestein,
Matej Modrinjak,
Monika Dutta,
Nora Adwan,
Sharon Wilson,
Sheena Macrae,
Stuart Simpson,
The Collective.

Projektar's main screen was viewable from the street. Curated by Bill Howard, Jay Patel, Dave Farnham and Alan Bond the project featured prizewinning films. Projektar brought together video artists from The Projection Gallery and Seven Seven partners in Milan and UGM, (National Gallery of Slovenia)

The Projection Gallery, an artists' film group, participated in the 2004 and 2006 Liverpool Biennales and later this year will take part in events in Holland, Sweden and The Czech Republic.




Mark Wright
Mandy Hudson

November 2006 -
January 2007


This show brings together and contrasts the large paintings of Mark Wright and the intimate canvases of Mandy Hudson. The artists share an interest in relationships between the natural world and the urban environment.Mandy Hudson's work is often poignant describing the fragility of nature within the city.
Mark wright's elegant and inventive paintings combine references to science ,technology, and nature in an aesthetic environment.



Adam Gordon
Alan Bond
Anka Dabrowska
Camilla Wilson
Chris Dobrowolski
Daniel Wallis
David Harker
Dawn Shorten
Elizabeh McTernan
Giles Corby
Hugo Sterk
Jennifer Snell
Kris Emmerson
Mandy Hudson
Patrick Coyle
Peter Lamb
Richard Ducker
Robin Dixon

September - October 2006

Curated by David Farnham and Sayshun Jay

. . . anything inside a no-ship is hidden from prescient vision and other methods of detection . . .
this happens because no-ships fold space to travel nowhere very fast . . .
they move so quickly it's impossible to see exactly what it is that they are doing unless you are actually there.

'E84PH, Portraits of a Community'

Gabrielle Motola

July - August 2006

GABRIELLE MOTOLA internationally acclaimed photographer documents the people, politics and dynamic of Broadway Market. For the past three years she has been photographing the residents and visitors to Broadway Market, documenting the changing mix of people.

The show contained an auto portrait studio enabling visitors to have their image incorporated into the show as part of an ongoing series of projections.


Briony Anderson/Paul Macgee
Marta Bakst                   
Jolande Bosch              
Andrew Branscombe      
John Brown                  
Brad Downey
Nooshin Farhid  
Nigel Mottram               
Jaimini Patel                 
Adam Thompson        

July 2006

An art event involving 60 artists, taking place in 4 venues across the UK, questioning the values assigned to place and negating physical distance by linking cities through a common theme.


Eleanor Bedlow
Miyuki Kasahara
Eunji Kim
Annie Lin
Sung Young Park
Michael Parlamas
Loretta Tsavaki

June - July 2006

Artists from diferent cultural backgrounds investigating displacement and identity.


Claudia Pasquero
Marco Poletto

June 2006

STEM is a "living" screen system; it will grow and evolve its physical qualities (shape, transparency, breathing potential) out of its relationship with sun light; light will be filtered and captured for photosynthetic operations; oxygen will be produced and carbon dioxide adsorbed; more light will result into more oxygen production and more screening potential; less light will turn into less photosynthesis and more transparency; will STEM be flexible enough to find a positive equilibrium within the gallery environment? Will people be able to enjoy the hyper oxygenated softly lit cocoon generated by STEM or constant artificial intervention will be required? Will STEM constitute an example of a successful “artificial ecology”?

"Solo Sakuma"


Hana Sakuma

May 2006




This show is sponsored by CEN Magazine and Cobra Beer.

‘pardon’ an installation by Hana Sakuma winner of the CEN Award for Visual Arts

CEN Magazine celebrates and reports on the arts and creative industries in East London. Seven Seven nominated Hana Sakuma for CEN magazine’s first annual awards that took place in November 2005.

Hana Sakuma’s work is typified by a heightened sensibility and thoughtfulness that quietly and persistently engages her audience. Her own poetic description of the piece for Seven Seven, which forms part of the installation, announces the work perfectly.

Against a sky blue background lots of bells have been stacked.
People can sit on the chair and wait. Eventually the bells fall off.
As they do, they make a tinkling noise. Glued to the wall, the bells lose
their function, they are silent, held captive. Only when they fall do they
regain their power and as they tumble the work slowly decays.


'Just around the corner from here..'

Zoe Buser

May 2006

Zoe Buser’s work is born out of a fascination with the built environment, more specifically that of architecture and the way it defines occupies, orders and re-negotiates space. She is interested in the way she experiences these buildings and the differing ways they can be perceived. Zoe Buser sees herself as an observer, collecting and recording experiences that are taken away and deciphered in her studio. Her aim is to activate spatial experiences and in the process reveal a hidden reality. ‘Buildings are like blueprints of our society’, she says, ‘They can be read’.

Zoe Buser's exhibition at Seven Seven comprises of a site specific 3-dimensional drawing in the gallery basement and four small pieces that extend their spatial references into the gallery

"they also draw"

Meryl Ainslie
Alan Bond
Chloe Briggs
Helen Barff
Anka Dabrowska
Emma Holden
Jeni Snell

April 2006

For a variety of reasons artists may draw behind the scenes of their best-known public practice. depending on the artist they may wish to diversify their practice and explore another area. The drawings may have a function in the development of projects. The artist may have a primeval instinct to engage with materials, narrative or description. Or simply, the drawings may be made for recreation.

"On the Various Means of Reanimating Dead Tissue"

Gareth Brookes
Andrew Hladky
Jonas Ranson

March - April 2006

The concept of the Zombie turns up at every level of contemporary culture, from the most lucid horror movie to the philosophic skirmishing of Dualists and Materialists. It is an idea so instantly graspable yet so undermining to our natural reason that it fascinates the meta-physicists and the pre-pubescent boy equally.


Frederique Decombe
Richard Ducker
Daniel Chalmers

March 2006

Through a series of systematic processes of production, the artists reveal within repetition an attempt at individuality. Between hand to paper, description to
paper, and description via machine, there is a chain reaction of uncertainty that undermines reality's apparent veracity.

"Outside In"

Jayne Lloyd

Feburary 2006

Letters Home from Taiwan, Lost Soles from Nepal and Stairwells in Edmonton form the subject of this innovative photo installation.

"David Harker"

David Harker

Feburary 2006

Unsentimental and depicting a sought for loneliness, these drawings explore the interconnectedness of the elements of landscape drawing.


"Southern Exposure"

Jessica Parker
Liz Brooker

Producer: Lisa Alway

January - February 2006

Liz Brooker's 'down at the station - images of Indian rail'

As part of a six-month photographic sojourn to India, Liz Brooker traversed 20,000km documenting the quieter moments of the Indian Railway Journey Experience

Jessica Parker's 'serenity found'

Jessica Parker believes what is openly observed in our environment has a tangible and intangible impact. Shot on a 1960’s toy-camera, Parker’s images of the New Zealand landscape create a visual and emotional history and record her own sense of calm, freedom and joyfulness


AABO (Teja Kovac & Matej Lozar)
Aleksandra Gruden
Iztok Maroh
Katja Majer
Marko Ornik
Polona Maher
Simona Suc
Petra Kaps Simona Vidmar
December 2005

These young artists from Maribor, Slovenia are representatives of the dynamic and creative energy that is emerging throughout the New Europe. In this show they investigate the local context as a source for an answer in the search for identity.

Continental Breakfast Maribor is one of the exhibitions under the umbrella of international project Continental Breakfast, which links together more than 12 organisation from 11 European countries working in the field of contemporary art, ranging from visual and performing arts to literature and music. Participating institutions are Belgrade Cultural Centre, Serbia and Montenegro; BM Contemporary Art Centre, Istanbul, Turkey; Institute for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia; Kunsthalle Wien, Austria; UGM, Slovenia; Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary; MUSEUM, Institute for Art Production, Distribution and Publishing, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia; Teine Tants, Tallinn, Estonia; Trieste Contemporanea, Italy; Villa Manin, Centre for Contemporary Art, Passariano, Italy and Seven Seven Contemporary Art, London.
'Maribor Art Gallery (UGM)'


Brian Daughton
Lilly LaMia
Michael Vogt

November 2005

Three photographers, each with a themed exhibition, dominated the three spaces of Seven Seven.

Red October

Alan Bond
May Cornet
Anka Dabrowska
Stephen Felmingham
Mandy Hudson
Akiko Usami
Camilla Wilson

October 2005

Its October, the show has a warm red glow.

Scented by Stephen Felmingham’s warming and cooling honey-filled vessels and illuminated by Camilla Wilson’s East End Orange monochromes this show…….

Sketch 2005
September – October 2005


National Open Drawing Prize and Arboreta Student Sketchbook Award.

An exhibition of contemporary artist’s sketchbooks and works on paper.

SKETCH 2005 selected 47 sketchbooks and 13 framed drawing collations by 49 local, national and international artists from over 250 entries for the exhibition.

The diverse collection of sketchbooks and framed collations of related drawings represented in the exhbition includes Sasha Leech (SKETCH 2005 Drawing Prize Winner), Karen Lorenz, Foster Spragge and Sandy Sykes (Short-listed for the SKETCH 2005 Drawing Prize, Amy Green (Arboreta Student Sketchbook Award prize winner) and Leo Duff.

'Connecting Spaces'

Kezia Cantwell-Wright

September 2005

‘Connecting Spaces’ is an exhibition of new work by the emerging multi-disciplinary artist Kezia Cantwell-Wright. The exhibition comprises photographs, drawings and interactive sculptures. The former explores the geometry and structure of modernist architecture, and the relationships between different elements, which acts as a metaphor for the relationships between sections of society. The drawings quote both architecture and puzzles, such as Rubik’s cube, in their exploration of geometry and spatial relationships, presenting the city as something that can be taken apart and put back together in another formation. Finally Kezia’s new sculptures, a hybrid between construction toys, such as Lego, and architectural models, allow viewers to explore the urban landscape for themselves by playing with the given forms and colours.

'Dislocated Ground'

Carey Dean,
J L Dean,
Jessika Worrall

August 2005

The postmodern emphasis on interpretation and reference has spawned a generation of artists that have worked so extensively with readymade and appropriated material, that the actual engagement between ideological and physical materials is reduced to a mere incidence. While the creative commitments of the exhibiting artists preclude them from producing anything conceivably documentary, their work represents a tangible commitment to the search for engaging subject matter.

'In The Clearing'

Jane Thurley
Ann Marie Peña

July-August 2005


An exhibition featuring photographic work, collage and drawings by Jane Thurley and Ann Marie Peña (in collaboration with Dora Longo Bahia).
Jane Thurleys' creates collages . These large-scale collages depict scenes of city parks and other forms of created nature from layering specifically chosen wallpapers. She is interested in the effect of urbanisation on tradition.
Ann Marie Peña uses photography and found images to produce works that reference architecture, communication and urban environments. Here, in collaboration with Brazilian Artist Dora Longo Bahia, she has created a photographic installation comprised of images taken over a three-month period in South Africa. They question the role of nature in city centres and consider how nature is often consumed and manipulated to suit, and disguise, the needs of urban development.

'not quite here'

Zoe Allen,
Lee Clough,
Akiko Usami.

July 2005

This place…have I been here before?
Ideas of longing and belonging beyond the everyday, are explored from different viewpoints, combining animation, origami, sculpture and 2D works.


Theresa Mikuria

June 2005


Theresa Mikuria, a Japanese-Taiwanese photographer known in East Asia both as an artist and for her work in the fashion and music industries, presents her first UK solo exhibition at the Seven Seven Gallery in London. The photographs here vary widely: locations include San Francisco, Hong Kong, Taipei, Solan (India), Tokyo, North Carolina; the subject-matter ranges from Buddhist ceremony to dilapidated machinery via bucketfuls of squid; colour portraits appear in the same room as long-exposure pinhole polaroids and black and white still lifes. Yet the works here are united by a single common thread, evident in every image: the photographer’s love for both her subjects and the photographic medium itself.


Anka Dabrowska

May - June 2005

Hometown is an exhibition of new drawings on paper and photographs of miniature interiors by Anka Dabrowska.
Autobiographical, it concerns merging ideas of memory and imagination in relation to her upbringing in Poland.

'Fold up the Sky'

May Cornet
Alan Bond
Dawn Shorten


May 2005

As part of our international programme three artists
from Seven Seven presented 'Fold up the Sky' at AKA
Gallery in Rome . The show explored ideas about
creation and destruction

'Wall To Wall' part III
'Small Wonder'

Nicky Hodge

May 2005

Unnerving, enchanting, shamelessly idiosyncratic. Every image has a secret hinge, an opening from the physical world - a Lilliput gaggle behind the eye, an opaque memory that greys and cracks and crumbles.


'Wall To Wall' part II

Mike Griffiths

April 2005

Mike Griffiths life affirming paintings of familial love avoid the sentimental with their brave and expressionist use of paint and their inventive compositions.

image detail.

'Wall To Wall' part I

David Bowe
Robin Dixson
Andrew Hladky

March - April 2005

Paintings made where nature converges with the urban environment. Gritty interpretations of urban transport systems combine with memory and photography. All executed in thin, thick and very thick paint


Chiara Camoni
Alessandra Cassinelli
Roberto Ago
Lucia Uni
Alessandro dal Pont
Luigi Rizzo
Andrea Dojmi

February - March 2005

This show reflected new energy in Italy ’s contemporary art scene. Seven artists deal with ideas of opposition and resolution.

'Bulky Luggage'

Maria Zahle
Charlotte Thrane
Richard Gasper
Jason Dungan
Peter Busk

January - February 2005

Subordinating the pleasure principle to the reality principle is done through a psychological process Freud calls SUBLIMATION, where you take desires that can't be fulfilled, or shouldn't be fulfilled, and turn their energy into something useful and productive.

-Mary Klages

Five artists created an installation divided in three; a presentation room, a monster-container and a dark basement.

'On Leaving the Shadow World'

Jeffrey Du Vallier D'Aragon Aranita

January 2005


On Leaving The Shadow World

An art cycle that is incomplete. It reflects time. Memories of the blind shamanist. Orphaned at age three. A young boy. Hiding and secretly watching. The spirit world. The shadow world of concepts, passions and conceits.

Aranita won the 2004 Sovereign Contemporary Asian Art Award. Trained in photography by Ansel Adams and Minor White, Aranita was an arts professor at the Baptist University and the City University of Hong Kong and is considered one of the most important emerging artists living in China today.

'Documentory Compositions'

Sarah Girard

December 2004



Observe, frame, record, a still and silent view of Hackney.

This exhibition participated in Alternative Arts' Photomonth and received support from the Swiss Cultural Fund in Britain and the Arts Council of England.

Then - Part Seven, 'Silent Reading'

Emi Avora
Birgir SnæbjörnBirgisson
Gisli Bergmann
Stefan Bottenberg
Miles Henderson Smith

October - November 2004


Image: Birgir Snaebjorn Birgisson


There is no disputing the fact that the Romans read everything aloud, in fact they were apparently not able to read silently. Of course there is one major benefit: one savors the sounds and enjoys minute changes of meaning and inflections of mood.

It is said that a modern student must be able to read forty pages of non-technical prose an hour simply to be able to keep up with college assignments. One marvels at how much is covered, but cannot help wondering how much is missed. - William Harris

'Piers Secunda and Brendan Lyons'

Piers Secunda
Brendan Lyons

October 2004

Two artists working with paint and only paint.

'Small World'

Emma Holden
Todd Kelly
Anka Dabrowksa
Alan Bond
George Ziffo
Mandy Hudson
Robin Dixon
Dawn Shorten

curated by Emma Holden and Todd Kelly

Sept 2004

Image: Dawn Shorten

Small works by gallery artists.




'Places I Have Lived'

Jeni Snell

August 2004

A personal history of domicile

This exhibition was supported by the Arts Council


'Roman Holiday'

Leon Cole
Minna Kantonen
Dawn Shorten
Felicity Spencer
Michael Vogt
Mike Weller
David Wilkinson
Mike Williamson

July 2004

(Image by Mike Williamson.)

A witty and innovative document of Rome.

'The Dream Factory
by Goetz Bury'

June 2004

An interactive photo studio where your fantasies can come true.






This show was supported by Awards for All

'careful what you wish for'

Jenny Baines
Shane Bradford
Mark Bell
Sonia Bruce
Lee Campbell
Kate Gammie
Laura Green
Angie Hicks
Emma Holden
Adrian Lee
Anne Rook
Heidi Stokes
David Wood
and guests.

June 2004

British artists whose work playfully subverts and transforms the mundane and banal into something seductive and beautiful and vice versa.

'Where & When'

Dave Dragon
Charlie Bonallack

May 2004

An exhibition of photographs.

'Lost Landscapes'

Giles Corby
Christopher Dobrowolski
Nick Lumb
Christopher Summerfield
Julian Wild

April 2004

image: Chris Dobrowolski

Five sculptors employ new technologies to inter-react with the landscape



Paul Taylor

March 2004

A fresh look at Old Europe.

'Broader than Broadway'

Gary O'Connor
Donald Bousted

October 2003

An installation of audio and text inspired by archive material which questions the representation of historical fact. Participating in F-EST.

'sound disturbance'

Anne Robinson

October 2003

The work in Sound Disturbance engages with the fleeting moment taken from the context of TV or film: with selected frames remixed. The artist is concerned with the resonance for the viewer of the still image removed from its context; in paintings or prints having the richness of a film narrative constrained by place, position and time; in the surface of the image offering fleeting moments of joy and lasting depths for contemplation - the gaze moving across the surface, through colour, and into the depth of the picture.

'Painting Practices'

Luke Caulfield
Jimmy Dyer
Craig Fisher
Roland Hicks
Bob Matthews
Jost Muenster

Curated by Neal Rock

June-July 2003

Image: Luke Caulfield

During June and July, Neal Rock curated a season of two person shows exploring divergent aspects of contemporary painting . Bob Matthews and Jost Muenster interpret landscape and our visual surroundings. Luke Caulfield explores paintings relationship to photography through images of adolescent street fashion while Roland Hicks focuses on mundane and ephemeral subject matter. Jimmy Dyer and Craig Fisher push the concept of painting by reference to other visual languages and the use of fabric as a medium.

'Mirror II Nature'

Meryl Ainslie
Peter Benson
Alan Bond
May Cornet
Ryan Durrant
Stephen Felmingham
Paul Fieldsend-Danks
Heather Libson
Maslen & Mehra
Stuart Mayes
Dawn Shorten
Jill Townsley

Curated by Alan Bond

June - July 2003

During June and July Seven Seven once more ventured out beyond the walls to present a larger show in the Mile End Park Art Pavilion.


'Oh Vienna'

Peter Benson
Alan Bond
May Cornet
George Doneo
Peter Lamb
Gary O'Connor
Hana Sakuma
Yak Boew Seah
Dawn Shorten
Camilla Wilson

Curated by Alan Bond and Dawn Shorten

May-June 2003

During May and June Seven Seven moved beyond the walls to present larger shows in Vienna and London. The gallery took part in Austria's lively international art festival 'Soho in Ottakring'.



Carolyn Watts
Naomi Schillinger

May - June 2003

……………… another time, another place, another hour, another day, another month, another year, another life, another one, yet another thing…………………………..


Fredrik Jonsson
Christoph Madico Bosch

May 2003

A mesmerising installation using minimal Muji means. The sound of a continuous drum roll. The gallery spotlights reflect in the CD disc creating a projection of spinning plates on the opposite wall. An evocation of the excitement of circus.


Sarah Ainslie
Kim Baker
Robin Dixon
Mandy Hudson
Eleanor Engle
Christoph Noebel
Richard Livingston
Mark Maxwell
Anna Sexton

curated by Alan Bond.

December 2002

Small paintings and photography by nine artists.

'Snapshot: Artists' Holiday Photographs'

Sarah Ainslie
Fiona Birnie
Alan Bond
Franco Bonadio
Christophe Mandico Bosch
Natalie Brierly
Janine Brown
Sarah Buist
Jill Carter
Toby Carter
John Churchill
Christine Durrant
Danielle Eubank
Mike Griffiths
Penny Hadrill
John Hodder
David Howells
Peter Lamb
Heather Libson
Glen Mason
Tincey Marr
Craig Moyes
Kim Pethybridge
Alison Raimes
Simon Redington
Meryl Setchell Ainslie
Anna Sexton
Dawn Shorter
Samantha Soormally
J Stewart
Paul Taylor
June Trafford
Josephine Warren

October November 2002

An exhibition of holiday photographs by 32 artists, capturing the funny, sublime, bizarre and beautiful moments that inspired them as holiday-makers.


Meryl Setchell Ainslie
Peter Benson
Alan Bond
May Cornet
Paul Danks
John Gray
Maggie Jennings
Heather Libson

curated by Alan Bond

October 2002

An exhibition presenting the work of eight artists referring to art as a mirror to nature. Alan Bond


Felicitas Aga
Roz Hackney
Mark Monaghan
Martin Bennet
Ed Hodgkinson
Pat O'conner
Birgir Birgisson
Mandy Hudson
Katie Pratt
John Bremner
Peter Jones
Andy Price
Jo Bruton
Jeremy Kidd
Neal Rock
Giles Corby
Dierdre King
Danny Rolph
Jim Coverley
Lorraine King
Dawn Shorten
George Doneo
Peter Lamb
Andy Swani
Ryan Durrant
Mary McLean
Joel Tomlin

September 2002

A show organised by the artists' group Giant

'Little House Furnished with Big Dreams'

Anka Dabrowska

June 2002

Sculpture and Drawing.

'A point between two destinations'

Lisa Mckendrick
Dijana Rakovic

Dec 2001

Drawing and installation. Seven Seven 77 Broadway Market London E8 4PH