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If you wish to get in touch with us, contact Alan Bond on

078 0816 6215.

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Seven Seven
77 Broadway Market
London Fields
London E8 4PH

Introduction to Seven Seven

Seven Seven is a not for profit gallery, with strong international links, showing emerging and established artists. Located in a prominent position on the revived and very busy Broadway Market, Seven Seven has high visitor numbers and is established at the heart of Hackney’s cultural hub in East London.

Artists and curators predominately show via invitation. We do however keep slots open specifically for new proposals. We work with other galleries as partners and have strong inernational links, including 'Continental Breakfast' an organisation of over a dozen museums and art centres, mostly from the expanded EU.

We are interested to hear both, from artists and curators with strong cvs with proposals that will work well in our
small space, and from other art galleries that would like to work with us in partnership.

Artists that work with us are invited to have a presence on our forthcoming on-line archive and gallery Seven Seven 77 Broadway Market London E8 4PH